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Real Estate and Civil Litigation Attorney in Woodstock, Illinois

Buying or selling real estate can be a hectic experience. Strict attention to detail is required to ensure that all contractual obligations are fulfilled, and deadlines and contingencies are met. Doreen T. Paluch is a lawyer with over 23 years of experience representing buyers and sellers in residential and commercial transactions. At the law office of Doreen T. Paluch, P.C. we can guide you through this process and act to ensure that your interests are protected.

Real Estate and Civil Litigation Attorney in Woodstock, Illinois

When things don't go as planned, Doreen T. Paluch has the courtroom experience to advocate on your behalf in areas including real estate and contract litigation, landlord and tenant disputes, including evictions, business litigation and breach of contract claims.

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To us, you are not just a file number but an important client, and we want you to fully feel that way. We also want you to leave your initial meeting with us with a plan of action that works for you. We're committed to ensuring that all of your legal and financial affairs are handled to the best of our ability, and we can also strive to assist you with matters of real estate law and civil litigation as well.

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